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Cheesy Chipotle Peppers

When you cook bell peppers they become deliciously sweet. When you add cheese, you’ve got the perfect combination of sweet and salty with a satisfying texture. These cheesy peppers may be simple, but sometimes you need something crazy easy like this up your sleeve.

Macro-Friendly Shopping at Costco

Bulk buying can reduce a weekly trip to the grocery store into a monthly or even bi-monthly trip! When you start paying attention to what you’re eating, like tracking macros or planning healthier meals, you probably find that you buy the same items every week. Buying those items in bulk can be a real time and money saver.

Lemon Sorbet Bread

Because sometimes we just want a GIANT piece of bread that fits our macros!

Interview With CrossFit Games Athlete Brooke Ence

I needed to work with someone new, I had experience with a coach and enough experience to take care of myself but I needed someone that could take the stress of weight, measurements and macros off of my plate. I tend to get overly focused on those things and then the added stress spills over into my training and that wasn't good for me and my goals.

Downloads: Fear Backgrounds

Embrace the learning curve! Anytime we try to creating a positive change in our life we have to come face to face with the fear of not being perfect. The fear of not being perfect keeps us in our comfort zone. Our comfort zone may not even be a place we WANT to stay, but we choose to stay because it’s familiar.
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