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August WAG Goal: Eat a Vegetable With Each Meal

As adults, we don't have someone to keep us at the dinner table until we finish our greens. And it turns out, the host of benefits that come with incorporating more vegetables into our diet is nothing to scoff at — perhaps we owe our parents a “thank you!”

July WAG Goal: 10 Minutes of Recovery

We’re all busy and some days the idea of adding anything else to our to-do list seems impossible. With all the previous ‘10 minute goals’ of this year, hopefully you’ve been able to prove yourself wrong and see that there is always 10 minutes to spare – especially if it’s for your health. This month our goal is to get you feeling physically refreshed with 10 minutes of recovery per day.

The Power of Appreciation

Two, four, six eight, who do you appreciate!? It’s easy for us to know how much we appreciate others, but how often are we really sitting down and taking the time to pause, reflect and feel the significance of what our loved ones are doing for us.

Changing your Game: Mental toughness

One of the best ways of knowing how mentally tough you are is assessing how you react to difficult situations. It takes some serious mental toughness to be able to handle pain, suffering and discomfort in a logical and rational way.

June Challenge: Do One Thing Per Day That Scares You

Bravery is not a lack of fear. It's about having fear and choosing to push past it anyway. Tackling fears doesn't mean you need to start swimming with sharks or jumping out of a plane.
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