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Creating Habits for Success

When we consistently repeat a task or behavior, it becomes a habit. Establishing strong habits helps us to rely less on our will power and self control in times of temptation and stress. Being able to operate on automatic puts us in a better position to succeed and make progress.

6 Reasons and Solutions for Bloating

After crushing it at the gym and hitting your macros perfectly all week long, you look in the mirror and feel, well, bloated and uncomfortable. Why?

Dieting & That Time of the Month

Listen up ladies, this one’s for you! Call it ‘Aunt Flo’ or simply “that time of the month,” it’s no secret that your monthly cycle can sometimes throw you a surprise or two. Although each woman has their own unique experience, there are a few common struggles that we wanted to share our take on.

The Science of Sleep: 5 Podcasts for All the Facts!

With Team WAG’s March Goal being focused on sleep, we wanted to share some more in depth information as to why getting quality shut eye really is so important.

10 Simple Strategies for a Good Night's Sleep

Your goals don’t just have to be body composition or athletic based to see the direct correlation between sleep and performance. Want a job promotion? Need to work on your relationship? Finding yourself feeling ‘down’ or lacking motivation in general?
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