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What Paper Towels Can Teach Us About Fat Loss

We’re going to take a second to talk about paper towels. Yep, paper towels.

Macro-Friendly Menu Items: Restaurant Chain List

You know how to stick to your macros when eating at restaurants, and if you’ve done this in the past, it’s likely that you’ve researched the menu beforehand to pick your meal and make it fit your macros for that day.

Macro-Friendly Hotel Room Hacks

For people like us, traveling can be tough. Often the thought of interrupting our training and nutrition routine can leave us feeling a little anxious and uneasy about upcoming trips.

8 Creative and Delicious Ways to Enjoy Vegetables

Some people just don’t enjoy vegetables that much, which makes it hard to prioritize including them in every meal. In the name of all things good and healthy, you gotta eat em’. Rather than force-feeding yourself, try these preparation ideas to make something exciting out of your veggies.

Meal Prep To Go!

Sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t have as much time to meal prep as we’d like. But meal prep doesn’t always have to be the traditional version of cooking on Sunday and having everything portioned out and in separate Tupperware containers. Whether you are traveling and only have a microwave to cook with or are trying to juggle work, kids and LIFE, Team WAG has you covered.
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