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Preparing For Your First CrossFit Competition

Preparing for a CrossFit competition is more physically and mentally demanding than exclusively training just for fitness. Don’t let that deter you, if you participate in CrossFit we encourage you to do a competition at least once in your lifetime! Be careful, you may get hooked!

Friendlier Fried Rice

Meat, rice and vegetables are a staple in any gym goers diet. Unfortunately, it can get a little boring.

Stretching to Prepare, Recover and Improve

The guidelines for feeling good and moving well are basically the same for everyone: 1. Eat Well 2. Exercise regularly 3. Stretch and mobilize often

Strict Tracking While Traveling

If you’re serious about athletic competition you probably do — or plan to — travel somewhere to compete. Whether it’s a few hours away, an overnight stay or an entire week, the challenges of traveling while tracking are heightened tenfold when there’s the pressure of competing.

Prepare Like a Pro for Your First Meet

Excited/Nervous/Anxious — the emotions and adrenaline rush of competing are what make it such a worthwhile experience. It is the reason that once you compete, you’ll want to do it again and again.
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