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October #WAGgoal Is No Technology at the Table

As the use of technology increases, so does the time we spend engaged in our screens, and disengaged from the present company of our friends and loved ones.

Redefining the Dad Bod With WAG Member Justin Holt

There was a moment I realized that I couldn't get to my body composition goals alone. I spent years doing the "unrestricted paleo" diet and started CrossFit in 2006. However, every year I saw my body composition get worse. I was working out more than ever, eating "paleo" but to no prevail. Over the past year or two I had been following WAG on social media and seeing the testimonials and results inspired me to finally give my nutrition a much needed evolution.

Low Carb Spaghetti Bolognese

Craving a hearty plate of pasta but not willing to give up your entire day of carbs? Try this lighter, colorful re-vamp of the classic.

Why count macros VS calories?

In the most basic terms, weight loss (or gain) is achieved by consuming less (or more) calories than we burn over an extended period of time. By tracking macros, you’re also tracking calories. But if all you need to do is eat less or more than you expend, why bother worrying about hitting protein, carbs and fats? As much as a calorie is a calorie, eating a diet based around your specific macro needs is going to allow you to achieve your performance and physique goals more effective and efficiently.

Personal Rules & Boundaries

When you’re trying to do it all — get to the gym, work a full time job, keep your nutrition on track and feel good about yourself every day — having a set of rules and boundaries to abide by helps.
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