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Counting Macros in Madison

Few things are as inspiring as seeing top level athletes compete at the largest event in their sport, and we all understand the important role nutrition played in getting them to that level. Not all of us are headed for The Games, but nutrition is JUST as important for our personal goals . So we want to give you a head start on making your trip to Madison a macro success!

August WAG Goal: Eat a Vegetable With Each Meal

As adults, we don't have someone to keep us at the dinner table until we finish our greens. And it turns out, the host of benefits that come with incorporating more vegetables into our diet is nothing to scoff at — perhaps we owe our parents a “thank you!”

No More Bad Hair Days: Nutrition For Your Hair and Nails

I’ve been binge watching Forensic Files, my favorite crime documentary series (bear with me here). Recently they aired a number of episodes solving cases where the victims were poisoned. In every case they test the victim's hair to create a timeline of when the poisoning began and what type of poison was used. Turns out, hair reveals all!

Conscious Coleslaw

Coleslaw is one of the most delicious ways to turn plain cabbage and shredded carrots into the fresh, moist and creamy side dish of your dreams. The traditional recipe calls for a hefty helping of mayo, which can be an issue for most people's macros.

Counting Your Coffee: How to Track a Latte

If there is anything that Crossfitters, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters, ballet dancers, cardio bunnies and couch potatoes can unite together and celebrate, it’s the fact that coffee exists and is calorie free.
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