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Mindfulness in Our Everyday

With work and school days getting longer, and the everyday pace of society getting faster, stress and anxiety levels are on a rapid incline. This consequently has a dramatic impact on our overall health, mood, energy and happiness.

A TeamWAG Couple Interview: John & Katie Taylor

I actually joined WAG twice. The first time I wasn't committed. The second time I was. Both times I joined because I reached a point in my training that I wasn't seeing the fat loss I was hoping to. At that time I had already built the habit of weight training 4 days a week but six months later I was definitely stronger but not much leaner. With my stubborn fat, you could argue that I kind of looked bigger. I realized then that the only way I could get where I wanted to be was to get super serious about my diet. One of my best friends Pat Mendes, who’s a former Olympic lifter, recommended I use WAG. Within my first few weeks at WAG I started to see my goals trending in the right direction and knew that I had made the right decision.

Cocktail Party Survival

Although alcohol has no nutritional value and we recommend limiting its intake, we admit that there are occasions where a “cheers!” is in order.

Real Food Made Easy (On-The-Go Meal Prep)

Sometimes we’re traveling, too busy or just simply not in the mood to cook. Whatever the reason, there are times when we need real food requiring no cooking and no time.

Friendlier Fried Rice

Meat, rice and vegetables are a staple in any gym goers diet. Unfortunately, it can get a little boring.
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