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Download: Mindfulness Backgrounds

There are so many forms of mediation, but can it really help with progress?!?!?!? When it comes to learning to mindfully eat and listen to our hunger cues, the ability to be present while eating is essential.

Interview With Olympic Rower Jeanine Gmelin

Before I competed in the Olympics in 2016 I was already asking myself what changes I can make to get out the most of the next quadrennial. I compete in the heavyweight category, which means I do not have to be at a certain weight, but I am really small compared to all the tall girls around me, so I have to have the best power to weight ratio. I heard about WAG for the first time on Instagram and I tried to figure out as much as possible about the program. The amazing results I saw from professional athletes as well as “normal“ people was the reason I finally decided to give it a go. And it was one of the best decisions I could’ve made.

Meditation Made Easy

In recent years the benefits of exercise and nutrition have become common knowledge and are widely accepted as truth. It’s becoming to seem more likely that it will only be a matter of time before the positive impacts of meditation sit alongside them as a staple for a balanced lifestyle.

Mexican Hot Pot

This dish has the perfect balance of macros. Easily cook up a big batch and eat it for breakfast, lunch,’s even perfect as a side! One 300 g bowl is only 200 calories, too!

Sriracha Cauliflower

Keep your veggies interesting!
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