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WAG Member Tere Hernandez-Bonet: Counting Macros on a Vegan Lifestyle

I didn't recognize myself anymore. About a year and a half ago I started Perimenopause. It was awful. I gained a ton of weight, lost my energy and my endurance and basically just felt like crap all the time. Imagine having PMS symptoms. ALL. THE. TIME. I have had successful weight loss before, but this was different. There were so many changes happening in my body that I was unfamiliar with. What's up, hormones?! I knew I had to take a different approach. And I needed help doing that. A good friend was already kicking butt on the WAG program so I finally decided to give it a try. I started 35 weeks ago.

Macros on a Budget

People say, “healthy eating is expensive.” But, consuming cheap foods like Taco Bell or mac and cheese may lead to costly health care bills down the road. When you look at it that way, what is the most budget friendly way to eat?

Broccoli Salad

Football season is here, which means it’s time to fire up the grill. With a few tweaks we have taken our favorite side dish and made it macro friendly for all to enjoy!

MyFitnessPal Premium Tutorial: Entering Custom Macro Goals

One of the absolute best features of the premium MyFitnessPal account is that you can set specific macronutrients, rather than just aiming for a ballpark percentage like with the free version of the app.

Macro-friendly enchiladas

These stove-top enchiladas are quick and easy! Use any meat you’ve prepped for the week to fill them. This week I had pork loin prepped, so that’s what I used. YUM!
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