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Introducing:The WAG Alumni Program

We know that our program works not only because people continue to join Team WAG daily, but also because our members never want to leave!

#RFFYM Real Food Fits Your Macros

There are countless different health and nutrition programs available today. Some have great promise but fail to meet expectations, while others are effective but too difficult to follow. The one thing that all these programs have in common is in their restriction of specific food items or even entire food groups. We have been taught to believe, you cannot have your cake and lose weight too!

WAG Coaches at RUM9

Last month, three of our coaches Francesco, Hayden and Kate, competed at RUM 9 in Port St. Lucie, Florida- the largest raw powerlifting meet in North America.

5 tips for sticking to your diet

How many times have we gone into the cookie jar for two too many and said "My diet starts tomorrow." The food coma ensues and we start fantasizing about a body that we know exists under the fluff, or a lifestyle where pizza is not the enemy. Some of you may have even come to the conclusion that you will just never get there, you’ve tried it all!

21 Day Challenge – Day 21 – You made it!

If you’re still with us - you have made it to the end of the 21 day challenge and should be proud of yourself for making this change to kick off the year.
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