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Build Your Own Breakfast Bowl

Pancakes, waffles, scones, muffins, bacon and eggs — they’re all delicious, but no one wants to spend all their macros on breakfast and be hungry for the rest of the day.

6 Best Cauliflower Recipes From WAG

Oh, cauliflower, how you make flexible dieting so much easier. From mashed “potatoes” to “rice” to “pizza” crust, cauliflower is the ultimate starch replacement. As a result, WAG has produced some ah-mazing cauliflower recipes — and I personally am always checking back for more. Here is a recap of our top seven must-try cauliflower recipes.

8 Creative and Delicious Ways to Enjoy Vegetables

Some people just don’t enjoy vegetables that much, which makes it hard to prioritize including them in every meal. In the name of all things good and healthy, you gotta eat em’. Rather than force-feeding yourself, try these preparation ideas to make something exciting out of your veggies.

No More Bad Hair Days: Nutrition For Your Hair and Nails

I’ve been binge watching Forensic Files, my favorite crime documentary series (bear with me here). Recently they aired a number of episodes solving cases where the victims were poisoned. In every case they test the victim's hair to create a timeline of when the poisoning began and what type of poison was used. Turns out, hair reveals all!

Conscious Coleslaw

Coleslaw is one of the most delicious ways to turn plain cabbage and shredded carrots into the fresh, moist and creamy side dish of your dreams. The traditional recipe calls for a hefty helping of mayo, which can be an issue for most people's macros.
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