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Downloads: Fear Backgrounds

Embrace the learning curve! Anytime we try to creating a positive change in our life we have to come face to face with the fear of not being perfect. The fear of not being perfect keeps us in our comfort zone. Our comfort zone may not even be a place we WANT to stay, but we choose to stay because it’s familiar.

Download: Mindfulness Backgrounds

There are so many forms of mediation, but can it really help with progress?!?!?!? When it comes to learning to mindfully eat and listen to our hunger cues, the ability to be present while eating is essential.

Downloads: Recharge Backgrounds

We all have unique ways of recharging. I am blessed to be able to explore Joshua Tree and the surrounding trails here in the desert. It is a new found outlet, (thanks to Coach Kelsie) that started as a way to get my LISS in for the week, but has turned into a chance for me to recharge so that I can give the best of myself to others! One of the best parts of exploring in the desert is that I don’t get service in most places! HA!!!! So I find that I can “unplug” from life for a couple of hours.

Downloads: Self Love Backgrounds

When it comes to progress it is very important to identify what motivates you and what distracts you from achieving your goals.

WAG Downloads: Goals Backgrounds

What separates us from wanting and actually achieving our goals? There are many factors that can affect this, but at some point we will ALL have to decide whether or not we will push through the difficult times.