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July WAG Goal: 10 Minutes of Recovery

We’re all busy and some days the idea of adding anything else to our to-do list seems impossible. With all the previous ‘10 minute goals’ of this year, hopefully you’ve been able to prove yourself wrong and see that there is always 10 minutes to spare – especially if it’s for your health. This month our goal is to get you feeling physically refreshed with 10 minutes of recovery per day.

June Challenge: Do One Thing Per Day That Scares You

Bravery is not a lack of fear. It's about having fear and choosing to push past it anyway. Tackling fears doesn't mean you need to start swimming with sharks or jumping out of a plane.

April Goal: WAG Unplugged

At WAG, we focus on nutrition, but our true objective is to increase overall health and wellness for every single member. We want to help our members, and ourselves, live rich and fulfilling lives.

10 Simple Strategies for a Good Night's Sleep

Your goals don’t just have to be body composition or athletic based to see the direct correlation between sleep and performance. Want a job promotion? Need to work on your relationship? Finding yourself feeling ‘down’ or lacking motivation in general?

March WAG Goal: Sleep Tracking!

“Aim for 7-8 hours of shuteye each night,” a statement we’ve heard our entire lives. Yet for many of us, actually getting that much sleep is more like a fairytale than reality. This month’s #WAGGoal is focused on getting into a better sleeping schedule.<
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