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Talking Mindfulness with Sal Scifo

As part of the Working Against Gravity program, we encourage our clients to complete a weekly mindfulness exercise to ensure we are approaching our fitness and nutrition plans from a place of love.

Kristina Barbusci Interview

I decided to join Team WAG when I found myself looking in the mirror each day and not loving what I saw. I was working really hard in the gym, I (thought) that I ate well, but I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted, not even close. I would do really well eating healthy during the week, but I would fall completely off the wagon on the weekend.

Interview with Olympic Javelin Thrower Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir

I had been struggling with my energy levels for a long time and no matter what I tried I did not seem to be able to get it under control. I struggled with recovering from my training and when I ate more to have more energy I would just start gaining weight. I had tried all kinds of macro cycling that had worked well for others but nothing seemed to do the trick for me.

Interview with TeamWAG members Viviana Ortiz

I had been doing CrossFit for about year and while there was no denying that my strength and performance had improved tremendously, I couldn't help but feel like my body was just not showing the same progress. It felt as though I would work so hard every morning CrossFit class, some days going back to the gym a second time to teach my group fitness classes, and I just did not have a body that showed all those hours I was putting in at the gym. I knew I needed two things

Interiew with Team USA Bobsled Athlete Lauren Gibbs

I joined Team WAG because I had to get to a lower weight for my sport than I was comfortable or knowledgeable enough to get into on my own. I did it last season on my own and I felt like crap, looked like crap and broke out with worse acne then I had in high school. I was miserable. I had tried paleo in the past and it worked for a while but that way of eating was not giving me the energy I needed to be explosive and powerful behind a bobsled. It was also really difficult to sick to when traveling abroad.
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