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Tips to Stay off Technology

The amount of time we spend in front of computers and on our cell phones has dramatically increased over the years. At the touch of a finger, we’re able to do a multitude of tasks including managing our work day, ordering food, checking our bank balances and even monitoring our health. You name it, there is an app for it!

Mental Warmup for the Day

What we do with the first few hours after waking up sets the tone for the remainder of day. With busy schedules and a long to-do list, some days can seem a little overwhelming. To ensure we're firing on all cylinders and ready to tackle the day, it’s important that we warm our mind and brain up!

Creating a Bedtime Routine

You may have heard many people say that routine is the killer, however for those of us who stretch ourselves thin on a daily basis, attempting to solve the wonders of the world, and wear an array of different hats throughout the day, (from CEO to Mom to Elite Power Lifter), having specific and sustainable routines, is what separates the successful and organized, from the stressed and overwhelmed. Routine provides direction and structure, and as Craig Ballantyne so wonderfully put it in his book “The Perfect Day” Structure = Freedom.

Getting Started with Journal Writing

Often associated with the traveling nomad or book worm type, journal writing has now become a popular outlet for many folk. At times it can feel as though it’s your own personal therapist.

Navigating your way through the chaos

We can relate the feeling of overwhelm to many situations in our life. Heavy workloads, life changing decisions, tight time frames, screaming children, even knowing if we should be weighing chicken raw or cooked – you name it! Our own expectations, need for control, and self pressure is generally what leads us down the path to crazy town.
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