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The Power of Appreciation

Two, four, six eight, who do you appreciate!? It’s easy for us to know how much we appreciate others, but how often are we really sitting down and taking the time to pause, reflect and feel the significance of what our loved ones are doing for us.

Meditation Made Easy

In recent years the benefits of exercise and nutrition have become common knowledge and are widely accepted as truth. It’s becoming to seem more likely that it will only be a matter of time before the positive impacts of meditation sit alongside them as a staple for a balanced lifestyle.

May WAG Goal: Meditate 10 Mins Daily

With constant distractions, over stimulation from technology, urgent requests and harsh deadlines — it can be easy for everyday life to become overwhelming. In order for us to simply function at our best, it’s important that we take time to clear our minds and recharge our own batteries.

Creating Habits for Success

When we consistently repeat a task or behavior, it becomes a habit. Establishing strong habits helps us to rely less on our will power and self control in times of temptation and stress. Being able to operate on automatic puts us in a better position to succeed and make progress.

Mantras: Your One Liner for Success

The term “fake it till you make it,” is not just about actions. The words you choose to tell yourself can either build you up or break you down.
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