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On the Roads Meals: From Gas Stations to Drive-Throughs

You’re going on a road trip and you’ve prepared meals and snacks to ensure you eat well while you’re away. You rock! But what happens when you’re on the road for consecutive days and the fresh food runs out? You’re torn between surviving off protein bars and trying to make fast food hit your macros. We’ve got your fast food menu items and food hacks that you can find along the highway!

Interview With Olympic Rower Jeanine Gmelin

Before I competed in the Olympics in 2016 I was already asking myself what changes I can make to get out the most of the next quadrennial. I compete in the heavyweight category, which means I do not have to be at a certain weight, but I am really small compared to all the tall girls around me, so I have to have the best power to weight ratio. I heard about WAG for the first time on Instagram and I tried to figure out as much as possible about the program. The amazing results I saw from professional athletes as well as “normal“ people was the reason I finally decided to give it a go. And it was one of the best decisions I could’ve made.

How to Track Alcohol Into Your Macros

In a previous article, we discussed how to know whether or not your nutrition goals leave room for an alcoholic beverage in your “macro budget.” If the answer is yes, or will be in the future, then it’s important to know how to track it.

Interview With WAG Coach Josh

Josh Holton has not only been through an amazing transformation as a WAG client and coach, but he’s also had great triumphs throughout his life — including recovering from cancer as a child. Josh was previously a merchant marine where he spent a month on a boat at sea and a month at home, making macros work for him the whole time. He is now a Working Against Gravity Coach and runs a CrossFit gym.

MyFitnessPal Tutorial: How to Add a Bulk Recipe and Log a Single Serving

Cooking recipes in bulk is a lifesaver for busy people who need to be organized and prepare their meals ahead of time. Tracking bulk recipes and their portions sounds tedious but if you know what you’re doing, MyFitnessPal makes it really easy! This tutorial shows you how to enter a bulk recipe into MyFitnessPal and use it to log individual portions of your recipe as you need them.
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