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Plant-Based Protein

The word is spreading: Protein is not exclusive to meat and dairy! In fact, plants are an excellent source of protein too.

10 Kitchen Tools for Macro Tracking

No matter which way you slice it, taking control of your nutrition means cooking more than you were before. Whether you love spending time in the kitchen or it feels like a necessary evil, we collected the top tools that we consider worthwhile investments to make your meals more enjoyable — or at least more efficient. A few of these are novel items, but knowing when to splurge is worth it.

Why count macros VS calories?

In the most basic terms, weight loss (or gain) is achieved by consuming less (or more) calories than we burn over an extended period of time. By tracking macros, you’re also tracking calories. But if all you need to do is eat less or more than you expend, why bother worrying about hitting protein, carbs and fats? As much as a calorie is a calorie, eating a diet based around your specific macro needs is going to allow you to achieve your performance and physique goals more effective and efficiently.

Macro Friendly Grocery Store Picks: Vons/Albertsons

We’re bringing you yet another list of must-buy macro-friendly grocery store items! Both Vons and Albertsons are owned by the same parent company, so whichever store you live near, or if you’re ever passing through and need to stock up, here’s what to buy!

Macros on a Budget

People say, “healthy eating is expensive.” But, consuming cheap foods like Taco Bell or mac and cheese may lead to costly health care bills down the road. When you look at it that way, what is the most budget friendly way to eat?
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