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Macro-Friendly Shopping at Costco

Bulk buying can reduce a weekly trip to the grocery store into a monthly or even bi-monthly trip! When you start paying attention to what you’re eating, like tracking macros or planning healthier meals, you probably find that you buy the same items every week. Buying those items in bulk can be a real time and money saver.

Dating Advice for You and Your Nutrition: Go Slow

"Slow and steady wins the race,” “quality vs. quantity,” “good things happen to those who wait.” The concept of ‘wait and you shall receive’ isn’t just something said to make you feel better about not getting instant gratification.

On the Roads Meals: From Gas Stations to Drive-Throughs

You’re going on a road trip and you’ve prepared meals and snacks to ensure you eat well while you’re away. You rock! But what happens when you’re on the road for consecutive days and the fresh food runs out? You’re torn between surviving off protein bars and trying to make fast food hit your macros. We’ve got your fast food menu items and food hacks that you can find along the highway!

A TeamWAG Couple Interview: John & Katie Taylor

I actually joined WAG twice. The first time I wasn't committed. The second time I was. Both times I joined because I reached a point in my training that I wasn't seeing the fat loss I was hoping to. At that time I had already built the habit of weight training 4 days a week but six months later I was definitely stronger but not much leaner. With my stubborn fat, you could argue that I kind of looked bigger. I realized then that the only way I could get where I wanted to be was to get super serious about my diet. One of my best friends Pat Mendes, who’s a former Olympic lifter, recommended I use WAG. Within my first few weeks at WAG I started to see my goals trending in the right direction and knew that I had made the right decision.

Cocktail Party Survival

Although alcohol has no nutritional value and we recommend limiting its intake, we admit that there are occasions where a “cheers!” is in order.
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