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MyFitnessPal Premium Tutorial: Set Different Macros for Different Days

With the MFP Premium version, you can set custom macros for different days. So, if you have lower and higher carb days for example, you can pre-set MyFitnessPal!

6 Reasons and Solutions for Bloating

After crushing it at the gym and hitting your macros perfectly all week long, you look in the mirror and feel, well, bloated and uncomfortable. Why?

Dieting & That Time of the Month

Listen up ladies, this one’s for you! Call it ‘Aunt Flo’ or simply “that time of the month,” it’s no secret that your monthly cycle can sometimes throw you a surprise or two. Although each woman has their own unique experience, there are a few common struggles that we wanted to share our take on.

The Low Down on Low Fat

A common weight loss tactic is eating a low fat diet (not talking to you, ketogenic dieters!). We’re not saying that fat is bad for you. In fact, fat is a crucial macronutrient, but when you start tracking your fat intake you learn a lot.

Protein at Night: Eating & Sleeping for Recovery

We need protein for maintaining and building muscle. Let’s talk specifically about the importance of protein intake for recovery while you sleep. Not all protein is created equal and there are optimal times to consume it. To maximize your protein intake and recovery, read on!
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