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MyFitnessPal Tutorial: How to Add a Bulk Recipe and Log a Single Serving

Cooking recipes in bulk is a lifesaver for busy people who need to be organized and prepare their meals ahead of time. Tracking bulk recipes and their portions sounds tedious but if you know what you’re doing, MyFitnessPal makes it really easy! This tutorial shows you how to enter a bulk recipe into MyFitnessPal and use it to log individual portions of your recipe as you need them.

MyFitnessPal Tutorial: Custom Food

You’re either trying to log a food into your MyFitnessPal food diary but it doesn't exist in the database yet, or you’re adding a food creation of your own like a sauce, dressing or yogurt.

MyFitnessPal Tutorial: Logging Meals

This is a step by step tutorial on the basics of adding food items and meals into the MyFitnessPal Food Diary

MyFitnessPal Tutorial: Customizing Your Macro Goals and Profiles

Step by step video and write-up with images teaching you exactly how to (almost) customize your macros and micros in MyFitnessPal - without having to go pro.