Jessi Seidman

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 28
Time 26 weeks

To lean out (to ultimately find my abs that have stubbornly remained hidden my whole life) while increasing my strength in the gym, improving in gymnastics skills, and endurance. I want to be as competitive as possible in Crossfit and OLY.

Prior to beginning WAG, I had been following a strict nutrition program to lean out, that told me when and how much to eat, allowed only "clean food", and only focused on scale weight progress. I was already around 19% body fat, but my goal was to feel better in my skin while putting on strength. Because this previous program focused on scale weight, and mine does not always cooperate, my macros were often cut weekly, and I ended up at 1200 calories, leaving me feeling depleted after a full day of work with special needs kids and especially for my 2-2.5 hour training session at the gym; my lifting was suffering (I could barely hit my 90% lifts) and my mood was all over the place.

I came to the realization (or so I thought) that I couldn't have both the body I wanted while simultaneously feeling good in the gym..but oh was I wrong! I had known about WAG, as I had a few friends already doing well with the program and I finally decided to make the leap and try it out..and oh, I am so happy that I did. WAG uses scale weight, body measurements, and weekly check in pictures to assess progress, so it has been a much more accurate approach to measuring my progress. My 1-1 coach additionally takes stress, sleep, and recovery into account each week. On WAG, I am now eating for my goals (consuming closer to 2100 calories with flexibility in when and what I choose to eat in order to meet my macros), I am getting stronger in the gym, PRing my lifts left and right, and have more energy overall. I have leaned out tremendously and have even discovered a few abs in the process. I have more confidence not only in my skin but realize that this confidence has spread into other aspects of my life as well. I could not recommend WAG highly enough. I am a work in progress but am closer to where I want to be each day with the support of an amazing coach and community.