Katie Lynn

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 33
Time 104 weeks

originally was to lose weight for a cruise but once I started transforming, my goals did too. Now my goal is to build strength and continue to make gains.

LIFE CHANGING! My body and mind have gone through an amazing journey. Never did I expect macro counting and coaching to have the impact is has on my life. The girl in the mirror used to be my enemy and now she is my inspiration. I've had two WAG coaches and both have been phenomenal. Supportive, compassionate, funny and REAL. They have understood my struggles, celebrated my successes and just been there for me no matter what. I cannot recommend this program enough. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. And the community is a huge bonus. So many inspiring and amazing humans. Pic - Back shot maybe 7 months in. Didn't realize what my back looked like until my coach took this shot. I also bought this tank because it reminded me of WAG.