Laura Fernee

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 23
Time 26 weeks

lose weight (get under 70kgs), gain self confidence and take my shirt off in a workout!

Originally I signed up to WAG to lose weight but little did I know how life changing the program would be for me. I have always been the "bigger" girl and for many years I struggled with Binge Eating Disorder. When I came back from deployment last year I was at my heaviest weight and also in a very dark place. Not long after I signed up to WAG and was designated my coach. The first few months I was losing weight and was super stoked with my progress. Once I hit my first initial goal of getting under 70kgs, something changed for me. I realised I wasn't focused with the number on the scales anymore and I started to like what I seen in the mirror. I gained a feeling that was foreign to me. Self love. My journey wasn't just about the physically changes but also the pursuit of a better mindset. My mental game continues to grow every single day. I have so much appreciation for all the hard days I've experienced as they have truely shaped me to who I am today. I'm not where I want to be yet but I am absolutely loving the person I am becoming. They say pictures speak a thousand words but I think the difference in my smile does just that.