Transformation and Testimonial

Age 25
Time 16 weeks

Lose weight

Like every one struggling with their weight, I have tried everything under the sun and eventually accepted the thought that I will never be able to lose weight. Being a nurse It was my job to help my patients make their way to being healthy, however, here I was overweight and unhealthy so I decided to make the change. Though far from my goal this journey has been amazing. Brad, my coach, has been very helpful in bring me this far in to my journey. The way the program is set up it makes it very easy to stay on track and to be successful. The program also keeps you accountable by having to check in your coach weekly. WAG also sends out helpful emails to jumpstart your journey and motivated. This program has also cultivated a mental motivation with in me to keep me motivated an on track to hit my numbers and workouts even though 16 hour work days and going to school full time. My coach has given me all the tools I need to still enjoy my favourite foods while staying on track. While I still have a good amount to lose, I have never felt better and I am so excited and motivated to see where this journey will take me with the help of Brad and the WAG family