Eva Rafferty

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 26
Time 26 weeks

lose weight, gain in overall fitness, improve my military image, and work on self esteem!

I've always loved fitness, and understood nutrition, but could never apply it to myself. I never did well with "you have to give up x, y, and z." When I started, weighing everything seemed daunting and time consuming but o need to try something after my 30 millionth melt down over my weight and appearance. Working with my coach, Alexa, and learning how much I should be eating, I'm constantly surprised by how far I have come! I've learned to portion. I've learned that making small treats fix keeps me sane! And the most surprising thing is that I have learned to crave my veggies! Having Alexa listen to me each week about my insecurities or my life struggles has been so helpful to me and my ever supportive husband. I've made so many gains in the gym and in life. WAG works for me because someone is holding my accountable but Its all up to me and I'm making the choices and doing the work.

My advice to fellow WAGers; you will make mistakes, let them go. Be as consistent as you can and be patient with your mind and your body. Don't be afraid to ask silly questions or just say exactly how you are feeling! Enjoy the results when they come!