Jack G. Felix

Transformation and Testimonial

Age 32
Time 8 weeks

All of my goals were to gain strength in various lifts, as I feel based on my lifting numbers that is my biggest weakness.

When I started this adventure my goal was to gain as much strength as possible as that was my biggest weakness in my fitness. I did not set out to lose weight and honestly did not WANT to lose weight. I was a little nervous when I started to lose weight so fast as I believed weight loss meant my strength would suffer as well, I was certainly wrong. I have lost weight and gained strength. I work in an industry where sleep is very hard to come by. Swing shifts are the norm and I consider it a good day/nights sleep when I can get 5 straight hours. With that being said; I have noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels. Before starting WAG I was always tired and drained of energy due to the constantly changing working hours. My nutrition is the only thing that has changed these last 8 weeks and it has improved my quality of life ten fold. I feel much more energized and the improvement in my recovery from my workouts is amazing. I can hit the workouts with much more intensity knowing my body will recover the way it was meant to.

I looked at WAG for months before finally pulling the trigger. I can honestly say I should've done it much earlier. If you have a crazy schedule and work swing shifts and think this isn't possible based on that, I can tell you it absolutely is possible and will increase your quality of life. The first week was a lot of work with measuring everything out, it took a lot of time which, if you don't have a 'normal' schedule you know is a luxury. After week 1 it got easier and easier and what I've learned about nutrition will serve me for the rest of my life. Thank you WAG and Coach Brad!